Maintenance of Management systems

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Maintenance of Management systems

We at YOLO TQM believe that continuous improvement of a management system necessitates a systematic and unfiltered evaluation. Cost savings are achieved through maintenance and continuous improvement. This is accomplished through well-documented and standardised best practices, which result in a reduction in the time required for an individual to achieve a goal or complete an activity. YOLO TQM provides improvement methodologies and tools to aid in the definition and implementation of improvements. This ensures that your organization is ready for Surveillance Audits while also improving your business by indoctrinating the principle of DRIFT -” DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”

Our Maintenance services include:

  • Reviewing, editing, and maintaining mandatory documents that adhere to a particular ISO standard
  • Editing, maintaining, and reviewing the existing process documentation.
  • Examining, editing, and maintaining the risk assessment in accordance with the relevant ISO standard.
  • Staff awareness training.
  • Internal Audit in conformity with the Internal Audit Schedule for the particular ISO Standard (with the Job Training where required).
  • Assisting with the issuance, closure, and correction of non-conformances discovered through internal audits, updating the risk assessment accordingly.
  • Helping with statistical reviews and strategic objective analyses.
  • Assisting with action plans and management review meetings.
  • Non-conformances, reports of corrective and preventive activities, decisions made at management reviews and maintain meetings and adherence to the relevant ISO standard by law.
  • Reviewing the inputs to departmental processes and confirming their outputs in relation to the clauses, goals, dangers, and key performance indicators of the relevant ISO Standards
  • Help with external audits and the shutting off audit findings.
  • Encouraging businesses to use Microsoft Applications to expedite processes for effective document and record keeping.


While you operate in line with your strengths, our consultants will focus on your organization’s deficiencies. Before any of the aforementioned solutions can be suggested for execution, it is crucial to develop a comprehensive strategy for continuous improvement that will help in assessing and predicting cost and timesaving.

By continuously enhancing your management systems, YOLO TQM helps to ensure that you maintain your certification. We offer you cooperative support so that you can preserve the quality structure you have attained.


Quality, in our opinion, ought to be considered a compulsory requirement. YOLO TQM shall ensure you are knowledgeable on how to keep your ISO certification.

Following your contact with YOLO TQM regarding ISO maintenance support, we will schedule a meeting with the executive brass of your organization to go over organizational goals, strategic direction, key business processes, and interested parties in order to understand the management system and offer business solutions. Our team of professionals will help with internal audits, updating paperwork, and filling in the gaps.