ISO Implementation and Consulting

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In the traditional sense of consulting, a consultant will often advise an organization on how to implement a Management System that complies with the applicable ISO Standard required by the organization. The Consultant will assess the Management System in place, counsel you on what to do, and provide guidance on how to comply.

The consultation is broken down into phases according to the clauses of the ISO Standard that need to be addressed as per Gap Assessment Outcome.


This is a more hands-on approach in which the Implementers or Consultants work collaboratively with the organization and each of its key personnel, process owners and management team to effectively document the Management System and produce documentation to demonstrate conformity to the Standards and compliance with legal requirements. When an Implementer works with you to develop the system and evaluates it to make sure it is in accordance with the business and its strategic goals, the administrative burden is reduced.


  1. Contact or click on our Contact Us page and request a Gap Assessment on your specific ISO Standard requirements. Should you require clarity on which ISO Standard your business requires? A consultant will contact you back within 4 hours to understand your requirements.
  2. We determine the Standard you require to conform to, keeping in consideration: period, location, scope, boundaries, processes, products and services. This is achieved by requesting your Company Profile, Product and Service Catalogue, Legal Register (if any), and Organogram (functional).
  3. Our Consultants will create a Proposal and Quotation for your Gap Assessment based on the information provided
  4. Once the Proposal and Quotation is finalised, a 50% deposit is required to book the Consultants for the Gap Assessment. This will take place on a day that suits you.
  5. An Audit Plan, in line with the departments and processes, will be scheduled and forwarded to you 3 days before the Audit.
  6. Upon completion of the Assessment, the Gap Assessment Report is compiled and presented to the client, with an Implementation Plan on either Consulting (Option 1) or Implementation (Option 2).
  7. The outstanding balance is paid on receipt of the Gap Assessment Report

NB: Please note that the decision on whether to pursue the Implementation or Consulting option is recommended based on the Gap Assessment outcome – However, this is still entirely up to your organization and comes with no obligation.

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