ISO Audit and Gap Analysis

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GAP Assessment

A Gap Analysis Audit compares your organization’s existing compliance with the Standard to its prospective performance. This is a less expensive alternative to a complete audit and is the most efficient way to evaluate your organization’s existing compliance with an ISO Standard and related regulatory requirements.

  • This Audit, led by our YOLO TQM Consultants, will help your organization efficiently sift through the “gaps” that have been found. YOLO TQM offers professional guidance on business solutions through examination of these gaps and their root causes.
  • If the Client is located outside of Gauteng, travel expenses are not included in the costs of this audit. In an 8-hour day, a one-man-day audit can examine up to 4 processes or 8 people, including the ISO Management System.
  • If your organization has more than four processes, you could need an extra day or an auditor. This is defined by the organization’s size, the complexity of its procedures, applicable laws, and necessary Standards.
  • Once the organization has provided the necessary information, a proposal for a Gap Analysis Audit along with a quote will be provided. To reserve dates for the audit YOLO TQM requires a 50% deposit; the remaining balance is due once the audit is completed, and you have received the Audit Report and a Project Implementation proposal to close the gaps found after completion.

Internal Audits.

Internal audits are conducted by YOLO TQM professionals. An Internal audit is performed to confirm the effectiveness of the management system and to assess compliance with the organization’s policies and procedures.

Upon completion of the Audit, we provide a full report on the non-conformances identified. YOLO TQM also assists in identifying corrective actions to close out the non-conformances.